Studio Residence

Lublin, ul. Nałęczowska 18a


Studio Residence, ul. Nałęczowska 18a is one of Centrum Zana’s latest residential developments. The modern, six-storey building is located in the extremely picturesque and attractive Helenów district, in close proximity to the city centre.

We particularly recommend flats on the top floor with a height of 5 metres, with the possibility of creating a mezzanine!

Studio Residence is an ideal proposal for people who appreciate minimalism and comfort. The project is ideal for singles, couples and young families.

Large glazings ensure optimal illumination and inflow of sunlight, some of the flats are equipped with a balcony. The layout of the units is functional and practical, while providing a wide range of arrangement possibilities.

The ground floor of the building is planned as a retail and service area. Restaurants, a kindergarten and other outlets may be set up here, thanks to which the residents of the building will have access to basic goods and services.

An attractive green courtyard has been planned on the south side of the building, providing a pleasant neighbourhood space. The courtyard will provide access to the individual staircases. The entrances to the staircases are sheltered by minimalist L-shaped canopies.

The building stands out for its interesting, contemporary architecture, while referring to the existing residential building. The facades are finished with natural and noble materials such as stone, glass and aluminium imitating wood. The entire building is maintained in subtle colours.

A single-storey underground car park will provide 121 parking spaces. There will also be 27 bicycle parking spaces (16 above ground and 11 underground).

The development has been built in harmony with the environment. A number of facilities for people with disabilities have also been planned, including special parking spaces, paved walkways with a suitable slope to facilitate access to the building, accessible lifts on each level, disabled toilets at the retail and service unit level and threshold-free doors.


CCTV and security

Low-noise lifts

Bike racks

Underground car park